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Works For Any Melody Instrument

The Original -- Since June 1999 -- Now Celebrating Over a Decade
View Any Chord Cluster With a Minimum of Scales
Guitarists: Nobody Is Forcing You to Read Music
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  1. You enter any typical jazz chord chart into the JSSS program or use the Band-in-a-Box ® file import utility.
  2. Click the "SUGGEST JAZZ SCALES" button.
  3. The JSSS program will analyze your chord changes using artificial intelligence techniques and suggest commonly used scales for your solos.
  4. You can click the "?" button for each scale and the JSSS program will explain its suggestion.
  5. You will soon learn to choose scales on your own.


  • Shows how you can view a cluster of chords with a minimum of improvising scales, enabling you to quickly learn to play through the changes.
  • Your entire jazz chord chart is evaluated, not just single chords in isolation.
  • The program explains relationships amongst the scales, such as how one scale leads into another.
  • You can either manually enter chords or import chord symbols from Band-in-a-Box ® files.
  • Scale suggestions are based on conventional music theory, experience, and research.
  • The software usually provides secondary scale choices.
  • Both summary and detail reports are available for each chord chart.
  • Music reading is not required (but is encouraged). Explanations are generally informal.
  • Scales covered include: Major, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor, Jazz Minor (aka Melodic Minor Ascending), Dorian, Pentatonic, Blues, Diminished, Whole Tone, Dominant Seventh (aka Mixolydian).
  • Guitarist? The program is not instrument specific, but scale and chord diagrams are provided in "HELP". You need only have some command of the pentatonic scale to get started. Most scales are diagrammed as variations of the pentatonic scale (which is also diagrammed).
  • The "HELP" documentation contains a basic theory lesson.

Download JSSS Lite -- Order Full Version -- Help -- Details -- Screen Shots

JSSS can import chord symbols from Band-in-a-Box ® files, instantly suggest possible scales, and then provide scale suggestions for you. You just toggle over to Band-in-a-Box ® and have it back you up while you practice soloing.

Two types of reports are available: the "short report" and the "long report". The short report lists each chord and its scale suggestion for quick reference. The long report also lists each chord and its scale suggestion, and additionally includes all detailed explanations. Detailed explanations normally appear on the JSSS screen when you click the "?" button.

A minor limitation is that the reports will print only to your primary printer (there is no printer selection built into the program). However, if you install the free doPDF utility you can easily view the reports immediately as PDFs. See the "Download Full Program" link at the top of this webpage for more info.

JSSS also imports Band-in-a-Box ® chord numbers for fast cross-referencing, and chord length is utilized in determining scale suggestions for imported files.

Note: JSSS cannot import files from early versions of Band-in-a-Box ®.

The sites listed in the Band-in-a-Box ® section below link to a free Band-in-a-Box file player, and also to sources of jazz files which you can input into both BIAB and JSSS.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Please take a moment to read about the program's limitations and other important points.

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"Autumn Leaves" Short Report Scan

"Autumn Leaves" Long Report Scan


This is the most popular accompaniment software -- you supply the chords and it backs you up. This program is a great learning tool and just basically a lot of fun. Note: to disable the melody so you can solo, key alt/#9. If you want to disable the automatic solo, key alt/#7. Warning: addiction to this program possible.

See the Band-in-a-Box ® Demo

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If you don't happen to have a Windows computer, one fairly easy course of action would be to install FREE the Oracle VirtualBox software on your computer. VirtualBox will run on basically any platform, be it Mac, Linux, etc. Next, acquire an old version of Windows such as XP or even Windows 2000. VirtualBox makes it easy to run Windows in parallel with your existing computer's operating system. You can toggle easily from Mac to Windows, for example. The only catch is you have to acquire some copy of Windows. JSSS will run on any old Windows starting with Windows 95. VirtualBox is one of the current great free programs available and in general quite simple to use.

LINUX Interestingly, the JSSS program installs and runs perfectly fine on Linux using version 1+ of the Wine emulator. Wine creates an interesting and somewhat entertaining fake C-drive for Windows programs within your usr directory. Alternately, if Linux can access your regular Windows partition (eg., as in a dual-boot setup) Wine can run JSSS straight from your Windows installation.

MAC Unfortunately there is no MAC version, but reportedly it will work with Powermac G5, Virtual PC/win98. A user kindly sent these instructions for using the Crossover software on a MAC:

  1. After opening CrossOver, I clicked "CrossOver Software Installer" in the "Welcome" window.
  2. This took me to 2nd window. Here I clicked the "Install Unsupported Software" button.
  3. Window #3, I clicked "Continue" button.
  4. Clicked "Create Bottle and Continue" button.
  5. I called my bottle "JSSS Full." The default is "New Bottle." Here you can choose which version of "Windows" you want to emulate. I left on default "winxp." I clicked the "Create" button.
  6. Next, choose whether you are installing from a file or folder. I used "Installer File." Click "Install"
  7. Navigated my way to my JSSS installer program. Click on jsssfull.exe icon. Then click on "Use this Installer" button.
  8. At this point, it takes you to the JSSS program where you follow the installation instructions. Afterwards, you end up with last window where I clicked "Finished" button.

Note, JSSS is installed DEEP within many folders. At this point, it is a good idea to make an "alias" for JSSS and put in a convenient place on your computer for easy access.

So far I can print reports, but not the "Help" pages. Printing reports must be done through the JSSS file menu, NOT the Apple/Mac menu or command P shortcut.

I AM able to import Band-in-a-Box files, but it's a little confusing because JSSS thinks it's on a Windows machine and the search process is different. Once I found the Band-in-a-Box files, no problem. I also had this problem when trying to find my desktop (it was in the "y" drive) in order to save a file (which I did successfully.)

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